Oh, Lisboa, you dirty slut, you. My best friend peed herself in one of your clubs so you know it was a good time.

  1. IMG_3366
    The view from our hostel, with Christ the King and the 25 de Abril Bridge in the back. Stunning.

    Are all hostels this amazing? (spoiler alert: no). My stay is Lisbon was also my first stay in a hostel. After hearing so many horror stories about the dangers of hostels and how horrible they were, I was pleasantly surprised (and unquestionably pampered) when I arrived at Lisb’on Hostel, which is located right in the center of the city. To be fair, I went with 9 other friends so we were able to have an entire room to ourselves. Still, you can’t beat the view we had of the Tagus River (río Tajo) and of the statue of Christ on the mountaintop. Speaking of which….

    He looks like he really wants a hug.
  2. Where the hell am I? Seriously, this kept going through my head throughout my exploration of the city. I was super
    confused when I saw Christ the King staring at me through my hostel window. I was
    like…did I get Portugal and Brazil mixed up again? No! Turns out there are two similar Christ statues and the one in Lisbon was built in 1959 to celebrate the fact that Portugal was spared the horrors of the Second World War. You can take a bus to the base of the statue and, for a small fee of something like 5 euros, you can go to the top. I highly recommend doing that, you get to see the entire city. It’s beautiful.
  3. Do I have to climb up another hill? With the 25 de Abril Bridge and the series of cliffy hills after cliffy hills, you’ll be thinking that you’re in San Fransisco. Although the hilly terrain adds to the beauty of the city and its landscape, it’s something to keep in mind when figuring out which shoes you should wear (or whether or not you should take a taxi home after drinking so much).
  4. What is in this drink? I don’t really know, but it got me fucked up.

    The drink in question.
  5. IMG_3422
    My breakfast of champions at Pastéis de Belém. The thing on the left was cream-filled and delicious.

    Is it time to eat yet? I had no idea what to expect when it came to eating in Lisbon. I had been warned by the Spaniards that I would gain 25 pounds. I laughed, but now I see their point. Lisbon is famous for its desserts, and rightfully so. They are dank. We went to one of the better known places called Pastéis de Belém, which is this huge (and I mean HUGE) restaurant in the cultural district that’s been making delicious pastries since 1837. Any trip to Lisbon would be incomplete without going there. I would also recommend the Mercado da Ribeira, which is this sort of huge marketplace with a shit ton of different restaurants. My friends and I actually went twice because there were so many options that we wanted to try. Also, we saw it months later on the Travel Channel (we’re trendsetters).

  6. IMG_3439
    The Pink Street.

    How many bars are in this city? Answer: too many to count. When the sun goes down in Lisbon, you realize that there are like a thousand streets that are completely covered with bars (and you wonder: where were you all this afternoon?). I was told while in Lisbon that the city had more bars in one square mile than any other city in Europe, but I can’t find a source that backs that up (but I still believe it to be true…there are SO many). Some great places to start are the infamous pink street, although we preferred the Bairro Alto area. There are also a good many clubs, we went to the one under the bridge on the pink street (and it was super weird, I do not remember the name of it sorry) and Urban Beach. I actually didn’t get to go to Urban Beach (you’ll probably need a taxi to get there) because I was with a really drunk girl and they wouldn’t let us in because she wouldn’t shut the fuck up (still upset about it), but my other friends had a really good time there. Until one of them peed themselves, but it’s fine. All apart of the experience.


  7. Why is it so dirty? Yes, Lisbon is not all fattening pastries and tasty concoctions. They have a serious littering problem. It seems to me that there aren’t enough places to dispose of the cups that people get from the bars, so they leave the bar, finish their drink, and literally just put down the cup wherever they see fit. And it’s not bad at night (probably because I was drunk alongside of them), but the next day the parks and streets are covered in plastic cups. Maybe I was spoiled in Spain (because the Spanish know how to fucking clean. Don’t believe me? Roam the streets of Sevilla at like 4 am and you’ll see what I’m talking about, it’s insane) but it’s still a problem that the city should address. Also, wanna talk about people peeing in the street, I saw like 18 pissing dicks in the three days I was there.
  8. When can I come back? Overall, Lisbon was one of my favorite cities in Europe and I hope to be able to go back this coming school year. It’s a really good time. If you like to party, getting drunk as shit, and eating really good food, this is the place for you. Also, it’s just a beautiful place. There’s so much I didn’t cover but…well, you can just see it for yourself.
    The view from the base of Christ the King. I promise it’s not San Fransisco.

    Found in a bar in Lisbon…basically my autobiography.

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